D/A converter DAC25B


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The Dac25B achieved a great success, recognized as the “Best Buy” from the audience and the critics, seen as the absolute winner of the digital market of “Liquid music” by Japanese magazines. Now we have the pleasure to introduce you the newest DAC which features 24/192 kHz asynchronous USB input dedicated for Apple appliances (i-Phone 5 included).

Digital Analog Converter + Headphone Amp – DAC 25B

Made to convert your music files into an analogue signal. Its features are superb, the conversion is handled by a Burr Brown 1796, that transformers the signal into a balanced analogue output. Pride of Onix.

Front: Black Glass. Front knob to control the volume. Golden buttons displayed ergonomically. SELECT button to choose the input and a SRC button to select the sampling rate.

Rear: inputs, No.1 optical digital (S-PDIF), No°1 digital coaxial (RCA),No°1 USB asynchronous, No°1 USB for Apple. Outputs, No°1 RCA(L + R),
No°1 balanced XLR (L + R).


  • CD PLAYER CONVERTER: The signal is taken after the mechanical stage and can be used an excellent replacement to an old converter. This can be done with the Digital or RCA outputs
  • MULTIMEDIA CONVERTER: From music stored in a Hard Disk . Using a computer or a multimedia center. This can be done with the USB port.
  • AMPLIFIER FOR HEADPHONES: Excellent sonic qualities ,the sound can be from an external cd player or computer. The DAC has a volume control knob.


  • 24bit/192KHz high precision DAC Burr Brown PCM1796
  • Asynchronous chip with a sample rate of 192kHz with low jitter
  • High precision clock with ReClock for minimizing error
  • USB input to pick up the digital audio signal directly from the computer (interfaced with Microsoft and Apple Computers)
  • Coaxial digital inputs (RCA), digital optical inputs (S-PDIF)
  • Analog outputs 1 RCA (L + R), 1 XLR (L + R)


  • Dynamic range: (24bit)> 120dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:> 112dB (RCA)
  • > 125dB (XLR)
  • THD + N:
  • Output XLR: 4.0V
  • Output RCA: 2.0V
  • Dimentions: (W x D x H): 21,5 x 35,5 x 9,5 cm
  • Weight: 4 Kg; Power supply: 220-240V


  • TE7022L (TENOR) 24/96KHz Audio Streaming Controller USB 2.0
  • PCM1796 (BURR BROWN) Digital/Analog Converter 24bit/192KHz
  • SRC4192 (BURR BROWN) 192kHz Stereo Asynchronous Converter
  • N.4 OPA2134 (BURR BROWN) Audio Operational Amplifiers
  • N.2 74HC244D (PHILIPS) Octal buffer/line driver
  • 74HC125 (PHILIPS) Quad buffer/line driver
  • R-CORE “high grade silicon steel core” transformer made to specifications Onix