Phono stage Pre-Amplifier – PH15


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Pre-amplifier Phono for moving magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) cartridges, it is equipped of an innovative and sophisticated RIAA stage, designed to satisfy the vinyl lovers and considered an ONIX treasure by critics of the field .

Front: Phono analog turntable, suitable for MM cartridges (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil), superlative power stage which provides superb audio reproduction. Front selector relay.
Rear: single input for MM and MC with RCA coaxial connectors, only one output with RCA coaxial connectors.


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  • Power transistor Sanken 2SC2837/2SA1186 for every channel
  • Filter capacitor Nichicon “Gold Tune” 4 x 10.000uF/63V
  • 8 x MUR 8100 Ultra fast rectifier diodes
  • Two high efficiency toroidal trasformers Plitron “Audio” supplying power to two channels independently 420VA
  • Motorized Alps “Blue Velvet” potentiometer Hi-End


  • Power Consumption: ˂10W
  • Weight: 3,3 Kg
  • Dimension: (L x P x A): 32 x 45 x 20 cm
  • Output Voltage: 250 mV
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ohm
  • RIAA Deviation: ± 0.2%

Specifications (MM)

  • Gain: MM (Moving Magnet) 40 dB
  • THD: MM < 0.01%
  • Signal/Noise Ratio: MM – 95 dB
  • Overload: MM 22 dB
  • Recommended Phono Detector: MM 2.5 mV – 5 mV output

Specifications (MC)

  • Gain: MC (Moving Coil) 60dB
  • THD: MC < 0.04%
  • Signal/Noise Ratio: MC – 75 dB
  • Overload:MC 20 dB
  • Recommended Phono Detector: MC 0.5 mV – 1 mV output

Applications of the PH 15

  • Allows the connection for listening to the analog records with an input line of an amplifier, and is alsoconfigurable in two ways: one for the MC (moving coil), low impedance, with output voltage of 0.5 mV- 1 mV RMS, the other for all other MM (moving magnet, iron mobile, or high output moving coil) types,with output voltage 2.5 mV – 5 mV. Practically, it is compatible with any cartridges on the market.